Where the fuck are we as individuals within this collective of human beans on spaceship Earth?

The shamanic path asks us not only to rediscover our curiosity, wonder and joy but to consider where we exist in our space and time of this moment within this life and then again within the varied circles and energies of the collective dream. As individuals within that dream, we have a choice whether to remain asleep or to squeegee our third eye until the rose colored glasses fall away.

Following the shamanic path of direct revelation has been a life changing experience of deepening to Spirit, renewed trust, opening to gratitude, and radically readjusting my worldview into alignment with how this Earth Plane reality actually works.

I encourage you to take a look at the resources and links below, wherever you are in your journey. The work of healing can feel like a solitary path, however we all sing together and the liberation of one soul enables others to join with their song.

digital resources

amazing books

  • Belonging Remembering Ourselves Home | Toko-pa Turner
  • CPTSD From Surviving To Thriving | Pete Walker
  • Man’s Search for Meaning | Viktor Frankl
  • The Secret Language of Feelings | Cal Banyan
  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck | Mark Manson

  • The Way of the Shaman | Michael Harner
  • The Shaman’s Body | Arnold Mindel

  • Romancing the Shadow | Zewig
  • Toltec Worldview | Everything the Ruiz family has written and created

tarot & oracle decks

  • Wisdom of the Shadow
    Oracle for Self-Discovery, Soul Work & Transformations
    Jenny Hahn & Jessica Ricchetti