• By Published On: April 10, 20247.8 min read

    The black-chinned hummingbirds have returned to southwestern New Mexico. When then sun hits them just right their chins light up with a fluorescent purple that, when caught in the stillness of a high-def photograph, is quite phenomenal. I wonder if these hummingbirds are quite aware of how they impress others, or if they remain [...]

  • By Published On: April 4, 20246.4 min read

    There’s a raven calling from the tree where the vultures spend these last frosty nights of early spring, the dandelions have started blooming in the low wet spots near the outflow of the boggy spring on the path to the greenhouse, and the cottonwoods are showing renewed signs of life. My kid and I are [...]

  • By Published On: March 3, 202414.2 min read

    There are memories and there are memories. Until recently I know I have memories of five years lived in an old post and beam house for twelve years of my young adulthood. I can remember the spaces of that house in the time before my wife got together, yet when I go to the years [...]

  • By Published On: February 11, 20244.8 min read

    So-called Cali/Arizona Border in the I10 corridor on AZ Land trust and BLM Land, traditional territory of the Cocopah and Kwatáan We’re stuck. Not like that time in New Mexico where it rained and the water table came up and we sank into our friend’s driveway, but stuck. . . stopped. . . fundamentally [...]

  • By Published On: December 1, 20238.6 min read

    So called Tulsa, Oklahoma | Kickapoo, Cherokee, Osage, and Muscogee Territory My kid and I have been traveling a great deal in our annual trek from the Michigan to New Mexico and Arizona. A week ago we found ourselves in Tulsa Oklahoma having lunch with a friend and fellow nomad. Our friend kept describing their [...]

  • By Published On: December 1, 20234.4 min read

    The past two mornings I have woken to conversation with a spirit I initially met as the Lady in Red. We’ve been working with each other for some time and that relationship is deepening considerably as I work though deeper shades of nearly lifelong depression. I’m naturally analytical and trend ‘in my head,’ yet this [...]