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Southern Arizona Winter

The winter of 23/24 finds us in southern Arizona on Tohono O’odham land. I’m in a little valley with plenty of natural groundwater, solar panels and a composting toilet. The ability to be anywhere and choosing to be no-where.

If you’re going to live in a 300 square foot space full time with a teenager it becomes quickly clear that being able to get outside each and every day is absolutely necessary.

Florida is a hot mess. Texas is a strange and inhospitable place, and California is beautifully crazy diesel prices keep us on the eastern edge. So, that leaves Arizona and Southern New Mexico to bounce around in for the winter unless we get brave and drive a 20 year old bus into real live Mexico.

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A dad, a kid, a kelpie and two cat brothers rubbertramping around the country doing our best to live authentic lives while awakening to our birthright. 

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