learn to heal

Each and every human on this planet has the innate capacity to heal fully and truly. In many cases and conditions, we were simply ignorant to the skills and tools available to us.

Like many, I grew up in a broken and fractured home filled with hurt humans hurting other humans. The call to remediate my origins has taken me down many roads that culminated in self-hypnosis my shamanic practice.

My mentor taught me one thing that has carried me down this amazing path: I CAN heal myself with compassionate understanding. If you are capable of reading these words and understanding their meaning, you are equally able to jump into radical and foundational healing.

The unknown can be scary or ecstatic, yet would you choose to continue as you have for the remainder of your life or is there a new dream brewing inside you?

I have a few questions for you and then I’ll get into the practical bits. Please, take these questions to heart and see whether they resonate. Take three deep breaths before answering each question. Write down your responses on paper or in a journal.

What dream speaks to you from the core of your being?

What could possibly hold you back from living that dream?

Are the voices of fear and inadequacy and grief and stress heavier or lighter than your dream?

Now, ask yourself whether your life might be dramatically impacted if no-thing, no-voice or no-experience stood in the way between you and your dream.

What the amazingest fuck would you choose to do?

Where might you go?

What might you change?

Close your eyes and BE THERE. Feel it. Touch it. Choose it.

Does that vision feel heavy or light?

higher perspective & guidance

Before we get started I’ll ask for your permission to work directly on your behalf in seeking guidance on where you are, what you need and whether working with me is a good fit. Many times there is a big difference between what a client thinks and what Spirit has to say.

From this guidance comes a plan of action and empowerment to help you break through limitations and blockages, assisting clients to breathe lighter and live freely.

boundless empowerment

Though lives lived in a conditioned reality that taught us to fear everything and everyone around us, we were conditioned to believe that we were small, isolated and ineffective. We came to believe that we had to be the bully or be bullied. We came to believe that no one was there to support us. As Miguel Ruiz, Sr said in the Four Agreements, if you compare a biblical version of hell against our modern world they look (and feel) remarkably similar.

We have to choose to save ourselves.

As we continue our healing paths, it becomes clear that working through old experiences, feelings from the past, and the legacy of toxic family systems in our toxic culture have to be released. If we want to be free, the past must be learned from so that it can remain in the past.

Know there is no-thing wrong with you.

Know that these inherited patterns are NOT yours to carry.

practical bits

I use a combination of shamanic practice, compassionate guidance and self-hypnosis to teach you how to self-empower by getting and stay clean and clear of old junk that keeps us bogged down in old paradigms of low self-worth, inadequacy and fear. Imposter syndrome has no power when one’s true confidence in self comes forward.

Self-hypnosis keeps you clean, clear and crisp.

Shamanic healing is the big gun that comes out when a blockage or limitation appears in one’s life. This includes his-torical trauma, trans-generational trauma, clearing karma, and resetting one’s compass so that it can point in the direction you CHOOSE to go with your life.

Step 1: Learn Self-hypnosis and practice it daily & get guidance on how you can step forward in your empowerment

Step 2: Work on blockages and limitations

Step 3: Deepening relationship with self-hypnosis and releasing blockages with grace and ease