• By Published On: April 10, 20247.8 min read

    The black-chinned hummingbirds have returned to southwestern New Mexico. When then sun hits them just right their chins light up with a fluorescent purple that, when caught in the stillness of a high-def photograph, is quite phenomenal. I wonder if these hummingbirds are quite aware of how they impress others, or if they remain [...]

  • By Published On: April 4, 20246.4 min read

    There’s a raven calling from the tree where the vultures spend these last frosty nights of early spring, the dandelions have started blooming in the low wet spots near the outflow of the boggy spring on the path to the greenhouse, and the cottonwoods are showing renewed signs of life. My kid and I are [...]

  • By Published On: February 8, 20245.4 min read

    So-called Cali/Arizona Border in the I10 corridor on AZ Land trust and BLM Land, traditional territory of the Cocopah and Kwatáan My kid and I have been on the road for three and a half years and four winters. We’ve journeyed from Michigan to the Carolina's to Florida, to Tucson, to San Francisco, to [...]

  • By Published On: January 25, 20246.8 min read

    Yavapai Apache Traditional Territory, so-called Quartzite, Arizona So. . . I’m sitting on top of my bus running tarot cards and watching the mountains and the comings and goings of the folks here at this autonomous zone. There are more rigs than I can count and a paraglider dive bombing encampments with a selfie stick. [...]