• By Published On: April 24, 202410.1 min read

    We are doomed to repeat the past, only so long as it remains in our present attention. What if we were able to choose our future, individually and collectively? What of the past might try to come with us, what hurdles and obstacles from the past might we face? How might we learn to remediate [...]

  • By Published On: March 9, 20246.6 min read

    Pueblo & Chiricahua Apache in Southwestern New Mexico I’m sitting in my rig in a beautiful valley in southwestern New Mexico. Spring is just starting to find its way up here with the quail beginning to move and the greening of the grass. At 5500 feet, winter still exists here, just north of the Mexico [...]

  • By Published On: March 3, 202414.2 min read

    There are memories and there are memories. Until recently I know I have memories of five years lived in an old post and beam house for twelve years of my young adulthood. I can remember the spaces of that house in the time before my wife got together, yet when I go to the years [...]

  • By Published On: February 11, 20244.8 min read

    So-called Cali/Arizona Border in the I10 corridor on AZ Land trust and BLM Land, traditional territory of the Cocopah and Kwatáan We’re stuck. Not like that time in New Mexico where it rained and the water table came up and we sank into our friend’s driveway, but stuck. . . stopped. . . fundamentally [...]

  • By Published On: January 30, 20247.4 min read

    I have been absent from communications for some time and need to bring some clarity and understanding to that situation. You both know that I have chosen a healing path the past six years. Understand also that my healing journey has been my lifetime’s work. I have sought and found the clarity I’ve spent decades [...]

  • By Published On: December 15, 20238.5 min read

    For a moment, imagine that you are a child again. Imagine that this child that you are is growing up in an environment that feels consistently unsafe, insecure. Where you know that the attention you get will be another wound left unattended. The emotions you feel coming from your parents are stress, overwhelm, fear, guilt, [...]