• By Published On: March 9, 20241.8 min read

    Photos from our southwestern travels of 2023-4 in south and central Arizona, traversing the native homes of many indigenous cultures. The black and white theme is a throwback to my early days of photography and the general vibe of having come from somewhere, having learned and healed. . . and still having uncertainty about [...]

  • By Published On: March 9, 20246.6 min read

    Pueblo & Chiricahua Apache in Southwestern New Mexico I’m sitting in my rig in a beautiful valley in southwestern New Mexico. Spring is just starting to find its way up here with the quail beginning to move and the greening of the grass. At 5500 feet, winter still exists here, just north of the Mexico [...]

  • By Published On: December 11, 20231.5 min read

    The winter of 23/24 finds us in southern Arizona on Tohono O'odham land. I'm in a little valley with plenty of natural groundwater, solar panels and a composting toilet. The ability to be anywhere and choosing to be no-where. If you're going to live in a 300 square foot space full time with a [...]