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  • By Published On: January 30, 20247.4 min read

    I have been absent from communications for some time and need to bring some clarity and understanding to that situation. You both know that I have chosen a healing path the past six years. Understand also that my healing journey has been my lifetime’s work. I have sought and found the clarity I’ve spent decades [...]

  • By Published On: January 25, 20246.8 min read

    Yavapai Apache Traditional Territory, so-called Quartzite, Arizona So. . . I’m sitting on top of my bus running tarot cards and watching the mountains and the comings and goings of the folks here at this autonomous zone. There are more rigs than I can count and a paraglider dive bombing encampments with a selfie stick. [...]

  • By Published On: December 15, 20238.5 min read

    For a moment, imagine that you are a child again. Imagine that this child that you are is growing up in an environment that feels consistently unsafe, insecure. Where you know that the attention you get will be another wound left unattended. The emotions you feel coming from your parents are stress, overwhelm, fear, guilt, [...]

  • By Published On: December 11, 20231.5 min read

    The winter of 23/24 finds us in southern Arizona on Tohono O'odham land. I'm in a little valley with plenty of natural groundwater, solar panels and a composting toilet. The ability to be anywhere and choosing to be no-where. If you're going to live in a 300 square foot space full time with a [...]

  • By Published On: December 6, 20238.6 min read

    The context. I have spent decades attempting to understand my family, their dynamic, their patterns and my relationship to them. I am the outsider, the rebel, the truth teller and the black sheep. I have come to understand the stark contrast of their value system and mine. While my value system was formed in [...]

  • By Published On: December 1, 20238.6 min read

    So called Tulsa, Oklahoma | Kickapoo, Cherokee, Osage, and Muscogee Territory My kid and I have been traveling a great deal in our annual trek from the Michigan to New Mexico and Arizona. A week ago we found ourselves in Tulsa Oklahoma having lunch with a friend and fellow nomad. Our friend kept describing their [...]