We All Sing Together


Empowerment is non-transferable. As individuals we have no limit to how empowered we can become, yet we much claim step up the ladder for ourselves. There is no one that might hold our hands.


Whether we choose to stand still or to climb is our choice alone. We can learn from our teachers, whether they be fragmented aspects of self, the maple tree in the backyard, our children, or our culture.


What has been seen cannot be unseen. That goes as much for abuse as it does for understanding. When we know better, we do better. If we ask better questions, we will get better answers.


I assume control of myself in choice, and respect that everyone else stands in their own free will. To choose not to choose is also a choice.

This mission and purpose of this site is to offer and propagate creative, introspective, and revolutionary ideas, perspectives and radical truth telling. We are not who we thought we were, and we are quickly waking up to that self-evident fact.

We choose to sing in acceptance of ourselves, knowing what is within our power to influence with radical acceptance, honesty and compassion for a world that is going through the growing pains of rising consciousness.

We choose to sing with the Earth and All of Creation in her recovery from the collective unconscious actions of humanity formed in ignorance about the abundant nature of this reality.

We choose to sing in gratitude for the air in our lungs and the food on our plates. We choose to seek insight and see the wisdom of turbulent and trying circumstance.

We know who we are.
We know what we are.
We know how we serve.

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Humanities Awakening

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Humanities Awakening
-Edward Mannix

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